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These Carvings are done by hand with chisel and gouges. I do believe that some pieces are better done by chisel and gouge than by high speed drill. The wood is Basswood but many other woods are used also. I have many pieces I work on at a time and each one takes its own charachteristic as it approaches completion. The Praying Hands personally are my favorite piece . 

Cocobolo Hook Pendant with Sterling Silver Bail

Cocobolo Hook Pendant with Sterling Silver Bail






3 Responses to “Wood Gallery”

  • Hi Ms Cheryl:
    Gloria has been talking about you and how good your doing with your work and how well the praying hands are doing, We are looking at the rest of your great work and Peggy could only say WOW she is GOOD !!!!!!
    If you don’t mind we have a ton of questions to ask, would you please contact us so we could talk ??

    Thank you for your time
    John & Peggy James

  • Your blog is outrageous! I mean, Ive never been so entertained by anything in my life! Your vids are perfect for this. I mean, how did you manage to find something that matches your style of writing so well? Im really happy I started reading this today. Youve got a follower in me for sure!

  • Jason:

    I work at a cell phone store here in Springfield il, ray came in and showed us your work along with his, very impressive!

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