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As you look through the carvings of Ivory in this Gallery, you will notice there is Walrus,Mammoth, Pre-Banned Asian Elephant and Bone. Each piece of Ivory taking on its own personality as it carved ,sculpted and polished to a very high shine, no scratches,mars or knicks. The Walrus Ivory has a rich tone of yellows,tans and browns. Where as the Elephant,Mammoth and Bone are whiter. I make Pendants,Earrings,Bolo Ties,Money Clips,Key Rings and much more.This is a hobby I enjoy doing to relax and escape the humdrum of everyday living.

Scrimshawed Asian Elephant with Sterling Silver

Scrimshawed Asian Elephant with Sterling Silver

Scat and Hugh

Ivory Beads for Pendant and Earrings

Ivory Scrim

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