Did everybody make these , of course if he learn somewhere but full work on egg with idea is …something for a proved, something in all puzzles miss …

I talk that everybody can have a train course and make similar job Carving in the egg, but when you deep look in these carved egg you can see something more, more what could you expired you , some kind of message. Fir stable there is a person in front some circle carved complete egg , and door of prison. The person who just stay naked in front egg for me present that she just escape and she is in FOREDOOM. Everybody who respect freedom and know what is a freedom this is a message. So , in last comment, I want to say these. Every your art carving in ostrich eggs is not just carving you present an art with a message . Yes, Mrs.Cheryl. Thro seling the art in the eggs is not for me -us just carving its ARTS! The message !Very ,very nice …

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