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Up and coming Commissioned Sculpted Eggs of the “Heisman Trophy Winners” from the prints of Ted Watts, Sports Artist in Oswego.Kansas.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Cheryl. I would like to show off my hobby that I enjoy doing to relax and get away from all the Humdrum of everyday living .I have reached across the oceans to show my carvings and they have been enjoyed from Canada to Greece. The carvings you see here on these pages are an extension of myself to the world to enjoy and to treasure, their beauty as I see through my mind as I create “from my hands to your hearts” .

I moved From St Louis, MO to Springfield, MO in late 2004 with my husband Ray and my Collies.  I worked for Ford Motor Co where I worked with my hands, I took up hand carving with chisels and gouges and progressed into high speed carving. The mediums I work with are Wood, Pre-Banned Ivory, Walrus Ivory, Mammoth Ivory also Egg Art Sculpturing, Bone, Antler.

When I am carving I love to be in my studio where I can carve and lose myself into the piece I am working on , I enjoy carving and letting the feeling work through my hands into the piece I am creating .

I truly believe,” If you can think it , You can create it .” Enjoy…


Member of:

Ozarks Whittler’s & Wood Carver’s

International Egg Art Guild

Springfield Regional Arts Council

World Egg Artists Guild

Featured on GRS Tools 2010

Blue Ribbon Winner – Ozarks Empire Fair 2010

White Ribbon Winner – Ozarks Empire Fair 2010

Purple Ribbon Winner – Ozarks Empire Fair 2011

Blue Ribbon Winner – Ozarks Empire Fair 2011

White Ribbon Winner – Ozarks Empire Fair 2011

Champion Ribbon Winner-Ozarks Empire Fair 2012

Blue Ribbon Winner ( 3 ) – Ozarks Empire Fair 2012

Red Ribbon Winner ( 2 ) – Ozarks Empire Fair 2012

Special Award Winner – Ozarks Empire Fair 2012

Serendipity Magazine (Greece) Oct 2011 Page 29

IEAG Calander Year 2012

Serendipity Magazine (Greece) August 2012 Page 81

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