About Cheryl

Cheryl began her career as a Master Carver strictly as a hobby.

Little did she realize at that time, her natural ability would soon catapult her into one of the worlds most sought after engravers. Her carvings of wood, Ivory, horns and egg shells have sold around the world. When asked what makes her art so unique, Cheryl will say, “I can pick up an inanimate object such as a piece of wood and “see” what is captured inside that wants to be brought to life.”

Are you are looking for that one of a kind exclusive gift that will fill your soul each and every time you pause to gaze upon it

Up and coming Commissioned Sculpted Eggs of the “Heisman Trophy Winners” from the prints of Ted Watts, Sports Artist in Oswego.Kansas.

Welcome to my corner of the Web!

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I maintain membership in the following organizations:

Ozarks Whittler’s & Wood Carver’s

International Egg Art Guild

Springfield Regional Arts Council

World Egg Artists Guild

Featured on GRS Tools 2010

Blue Ribbon Winner – Ozarks Empire Fair 2010

White Ribbon Winner – Ozarks Empire Fair 2010

Purple Ribbon Winner – Ozarks Empire Fair 2011

Blue Ribbon Winner – Ozarks Empire Fair 2011

White Ribbon Winner – Ozarks Empire Fair 2011

Champion Ribbon Winner-Ozarks Empire Fair 2012

Blue Ribbon Winner ( 3 ) – Ozarks Empire Fair 2012

Red Ribbon Winner ( 2 ) – Ozarks Empire Fair 2012

Special Award Winner – Ozarks Empire Fair 2012

Serendipity Magazine (Greece) Oct 2011 Page 29

IEAG Calander Year 2012

Serendipity Magazine (Greece) August 2012 Page 81

Web Pages

Cheryl belongs to the International Egg Artists Guild
World Egg Artists Assoc.
Springfield Whittler’s and Wood Carver’s Club

Cheryl is being mentored by Grand Master Ken Hunt

Ray Cover’s School of Fine Art Engraving
Jim Downing School of Engraving